A perfect mum is that image we have of the ideal mother, an image of complete togetherness that we don’t just strive to be some of the time, but all of the time. Everyday we are bombarded by examples of perfect mums, their behaviours and attributes. We are exposed to this image in the media, throughout our own Facebook and Instagram feeds, and even within our own communities of mums. We strive to present an image of having it all together and balancing the demands of motherhood with all of our other responsibilities – the home, the family unit, our partner, and our work – with ease.

Yet how many of us have ever reached that perfect mum status? When we have experienced moments of meeting these high standards, how many of us have been able to stay ‘perfect’ for any significant length of time before feeling as if we are not good enough again? Far from being a reflection of our abilities as mums, the unrealistic expectations created by the perfect mum image are simply unattainable. Being a perfect mum is simply a myth and is resulting in a vast number of mums who experience feelings of failure, shame and inadequacy, especially new mums

WONDERMUMS is here to replace the perfect mum image. Unlike the perfect mum image which embodies an unrealistic, universal persona of the perfect mum, WONDERMUMS is founded on a set of guiding principles for the modern mum that is grounded in reality and acceptance. Whereas perfect mums demand that mothers wear their image of perfection like armour, guarding themselves and others from seeing a lessthan-ideal reality, WONDERMUMS encourages mums to be seen exactly as they are, acknowledging and accepting their strengths and weaknesses.