Kristy Ross, Clinical Psychologist, wife, and mother of 3 young boys.

Kristy has over 10 years’ experience in private practice and treats clients with a broad range of mental health issues, from short-term challenges to more complex issues. She has a particular interest in perinatal mental health.

Kristy is a mother of 3 young boys, including twins, and juggles a hectic work schedule with the demands of motherhood and being a wife. She understands from her personal experience what it is like to struggle through the early years as a mum. She has also encountered the lack of support and resources for everyday mums, so she decided to do something about it and has created WONDERMUMS.

Renowned for her warm and caring approach, Kristy brings her unique style, clinical expertise and personal experience to the building of the WONDERMUMS programs. We hope you enjoy our programs as much as we have enjoyed creating them for you.